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Welcome to StrideUK

StrideUK - It's not just what your feet are doing!  

If you believe you've had your running technique analysed before other than at StrideUK, think again. Unlike 99% of all other running stores in the uk offering video gait analysis service,  StrideUK stand proud to be one of the very few video gait analysis companies that analyse the whole body instead of just your feet.

As much as running shoes are important...we show you how to run better!

  Since launch in August 2008, StrideUKs clientele has grown so quickly due to being one of the very few Video Gait Analysis companies that pay strict attention as to how the entire body performs during the process of running. Without promoting one particular running style for all, StrideUK fine tune each and every ones running technique... individually.

The following analysis is that of Sally Baldwin, representing GB in the world championships next year.  This is a 4 part recording to demonstrate the depth of information we provide if visiting to have your running technique analysed. To see more of her analysis click here... 

When you're ready!

The question is... how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go!

Buckle your seat belt as things are getting even more interesting at StrideUK. As times are changing, new approaches as to how running performance should be interpreted are dramatically changing, often conflicting to past and present information that many therapists are still perscribing. Old fashioned approaches tend to deliver old fashioned results. Here at StrideUK, we're massive advocates to covering the pure basics of good simple running, but the question is, with the power packed clout of data we can provide you... how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? 
(Be warned, the information we can provide you could seriously effect the way you approach running performance and injury prevention) 

What sort of runner are you?

what runner are you?

A new runner?
Anxious about starting running or increasing distance? It’s not always as simple as putting one foot infront of the other! Get the very best groundings how to start running with confidence that you have the right program, the right exercises and the right trainers.
An injured runner?
Tired of persistent injuries or training plateaus? Visit us for a complete understanding as to why you get injured despite weeks of unsuccessful physio treatments and forced rest.  Running technique analysis proves the greatest test of time – ‘seeing is believing!’
A competitive runner?
The edge comes from fine tuning running technique, uncovering imbalances that create performance fatigue during the chronicity of running.  It’s about reducing the negatives to increase the positives!  

5 things you simply have to do when visiting our website!


Visit our Knowledge Vault page, stacked with plenty of spotlights of running biomechanical topics and jargon free training ideas. Something for everyone! 

Check out our brand new videos page, a full movie file rich directory of stretch, strength and running drills to help you up your game. 

Buy a foam roller! If you don't own a foam roller, you're missing out on the very best tool to promote flexibility and keep injury at bay.

A great insight as to how typical 'in-store' gait analysis service compares to the clinical gait analysis we pride ourselves on. 

Book a date to have your running technique analysed at StrideUK. We guarantee you'll leave us with some vital tips to improve your running.   


Our doors are always open (unless you ask us to close them!)

New glazed gait lab

Privacy is an important part of your running technique analysis at StrideUK as it's always important that you feel comfortable using our facilities. Following our investment of a fully glazed running gait lab enclosure, running in your smalls, tri suit or speedos can now be restricted to just yourself and the performance analyst (unless public display is your stuff). Our freshly refurbed running technique lab includes a state of the art 'ortho gait' treadmill simulating as close to natural running as you're going to get, 3CCD digital cameras to film you 360 degrees, calibration boards to identify the slightest of biomechanical weaknesses and a bespoke high speed lighting system to capture every movement in best clarity possible (plus an endless jar of Wine gums that we pull out for the good ones!) 

View an example StrideUK report

click to view

By clicking on the image will allow you to see an example of the feedback reports we provide our clients visiting to have their running technique analysed. This is one of many reports we provide based on the technical depth you wish to work at. Even though Biomechanics can be a complex, multi faceted brain strain (often for even the white coats at Loughborough), we pride ourselves on delivering visually rich, easy to follow reports including exercise drills and homework!  Never underestimate the power of simplicity! 

StrideUK - The Agora, Ellen Street, Hove

Agora Building, Ellen Street, Hove

StrideUK is located at 'The Agora Building' Ellen Street Hove, BN3 3LN, 50 yards away from Hove Station. Our training centre provides ample space to welcome running groups and sports teams to visit for training days, seminars and coaching. Alongside the Video Gait 'Running Technique' service, we also provide high quality treatment rooms, facilitating a team of highly experienced sports therapists to deliver high quality sports therapy across a multitude of disciplines including osteopathy, physiotherapy, sports injury & postural rehabilitation. There is also a large matted stretching / core conditioning area to offer personal one to one coaching or group classes. We're open 7 days a week including Sundays to welcome clients with hectic scedules during the week. Always book well in advance as weekend bookings do go quickly. 


This month we review - Mudstacle!

This year in the UK, some 450,000 people will pay to crawl through mud, scale over walls, swing across monkey bars, swim through icy water, over a course of 5-20km. ‘Mud-related’ obstacle course races (OCRs) are now everywhere, which is quite amazing given that 5 years ago there were only a small handful of them in the UK. At StrideUK, we have seen this change and have noticed an ever increasing number of people coming to see us for video gait analysis to help them prepare for muddy obstacle courses. Having received a personal invite from Mudstacle themselves to compete at one of their events, we sent our biomechanics running guru Matt Phillips to get down and dirty at 'Judgment Day'   Read more...


Review - Peter Barnes, marathon runner and physics lecturer!

Peter Barnes

I'm 56 and have been running 6 years.I ache in lots of places, my stretching is ineffective and I want a sub 4H marathon time.StrideUK addressed my issues and goals, gave me an excellent analysis of my current state and showed me how to avoid future injury, improve my running efficiency and hopefully, my overall speed.
As a Science teacher and a Physics lecturer, I was keen to know details and I was impressed with the way in which information was presented.Easy for a lay person to follow but sufficiently detailed to satisfy the most demanding questions. 
I strongly recommend visiting StrideUK

Interest-free and low cost payment plans to pay for your analysis

Are you considering visiting us at StrideUK to have your running technique analysed? If so, you might be interested in the interest-free and low cost payment plans to fund your visit to StrideUK. Using our Paypal Installment Plan, without interest, we can offer a 4 month payment plan, collecting the first installment on checkout, with 3 additional monthly installments. Read on...

Throughout our website you'll find plenty of thought provoking, yet easily digestible material covering all areas of the running spectrum which could help you overcome injury and improve performance. You can also access free downloads, tests, charts and stretching / strengthening illustrations. To access all areas, we're going to require some info off you. Please fret not, we won't be sharing your info with any third party nor spamming you, we just like to know a lil more about you. Register now, it's free of charge and takes under 60 seconds! 

And the winner is...
Every month, we'll be giving away a free StrideUK running technique reassessment to one of our past StrideUK clients. If it's been over 12 months since your last visit to StrideUK, definately consider stepping down as we're confident that by evaluating your own personal program, we'll be able to help improve your effeciency even further. If you have won this month, drop us an email claiming your knees and we'll arrange a time for you to visit us and have your running technique reanalysed on us! 

When did you last have your running technique analysed? 

This offer lasts as long as this video remains front page on our website.  



Our pledge

If we had competition... we'd still be number 1!
'To date, we still stand completely alone doing what we do! We're not here to sell you a running shoe, nor upsell further appointments or personal training packages, it's all about providing you the right training program specifically for you. We believe that if you follow our advice, stick to the program and do your homework... we'll get you back on your feet and ahead of the race.'  

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