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StrideUK 6 Month Running Review

By customer demand, we provide a 6 month running review for any clients revisiting us following your initial visit to StrideUK. We never intended to offer this as we're paranoid about appearing like an up sell / cross sell kind of company. However, in the light of feedback from clients, we do believe that we can justify why it's such a good product to consider.

How can a 6 month running review help me?

  • Firstly, as we have your initial running analysis secure on our systems, we have the ability to place them side to side (and even over each other so we've just found out) to compare the old versus new. This is a great way to help you see for yourself whether your training / conditioning program has paid off since you last visited us.
  • Secondly, mindful that every change of lever (through strengthening / stretching) can have a direct impact on it's neighbouring or opposing muscle, your new technique could well be harbouring a different area of vulnerability as a result of over compensating. 
  • Thirdly, as we believe that performance advice or rehabilitation tips are best prescribed in small easy to implement doses, there's always other areas we can provide you with efficiency and performance gains, one of them investigates your warm up and cool down program (that's if you have one at all?!)

It's for these reasons why we offer a 6 month running review. The question is, how far down the biomechanical rabbit hole are you willing to go? You will never find us short of ideas to help make you a faster or more robust runner! 


6 month running review


Our 6 month running review is based on a Gold Running Analysis module (2hrs) but including time to compare old vs new and try out a few new ideas. You can expect more practical in this module to investigate your pre and post exercise rituals. One of the greatest catalysts to injury is failure to warm up and cool down properly. A successful warm up can pay divid ends on race day as it can improve range of motion, loosens up muscles, increases heart rate, body temperature and blood flow to help you run more efficiently for longer. A proper cool down can speed up recovery, reduce DOMS and help muscles rebuild and get stronger for the next time you run, The harder your run or race was, the more important your cool down is. 

Pay £185

Terms & Conditions (quite important to read this!)

Please note

All StrideUK payments are done directly online using trusted and secure Paypal services. Using Paypal gives you Buyer & Fraud Protection Cover under the terms of Paypal Acceptable Use Policy. (Basically this gives you the legal clout to get them involved if we're not up to scratch!). If for any reason you need to cancel your appointment with us, we offer a no quibble full refund providing we you give us minimum 48 hours notice prior to your appointment date. 
If waking up on analysis morning with cold, flu or virus, we'd be happy to postpone your appointment for when you have made a good recovery (your payment is completely safe with us!) Failure to turn up on the day without notification will however forfeit your booking and payment (only because of lost lab time working with a further client). 

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