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Running technique analysis case studies

Luke Ashton, Ultra marathon runner,

50 and 100 mile races 

Luke is an Ultra Marathoner 2nd TP100 and 2:56 Marathoner, visited StrideUK to allow us to assess his running style, reduce his vulnerability in his ITB left (runners knee) and overall find areas to improve performance. Luke running style is unique, based on the fact that he has to maintain endurance for up to periods of 18 hours, his runnign cadence of a constant 205 keeps him light on his feet!  You can follow Luke twitter @Ashton378. Many thanks for stepping over, great meeting you, best of luck in future events.

Steve Shukor
5k runner, of modest performance

Steve is new to running, visited us on behalf of the NHS choices 'couch to 5k' feature we're supporting them with. We felt that the only way we can truthfully give great training tips and running advice relevant specifically to Steve, is to see him run. Mindful of this, this gait analysis is all about explaining the basics of biomechanics and running techniqe, highlighting certain areas he could be working on to reduce vulnerability to injury and improve performance. Our approach - never underestimate the power of simplicity.



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