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Running coaches, retailers, physiotherapists... - 24/02/2014

Running biomechanic reports 

For very little money, you can immediately stand out ahead of all your competitors by having your very own fully illustrated running technique report system to provide your clients / patients. Our StrideUK 6 page report system was designed specifically to make running biomechanics easy to explain, hence easy to understand. Priced at only £40 per report, we cover all aspects of running technique from initial 'static' tests all the way through the gait analysis cycle finishing with trainer suitability and exercise generation. Our report system can be selected by the service you offer, from a simple 'in store' running shoe selection to full head to toe analysis. These reports will come to you by email in high resolution 300 dpi PDF, allowing you to print out yourself or have them professionally printed at very little cost. We believe this is a very good investment for running technique companies, running coaches, podiatrists and physios to use, as it not only improves your service, but it raises your level of quality instantly. Mindful that we designed these reports based on the high level service we pride ourselves on,  we can guarentee there is nothing else like this on the market.  

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