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This Race Ready 3D analysis is the equivilent to one of our full body running analysis modules but 50% cheaper! The difference is simply time with us here in the running lab. Whilst all other modules include a minimum 60 minutes real time feedback talking through all areas of your running biomechanics (with added time taking theory in practise by retesting back on the treadmill) all feedback following your 45 minute visit will be emailed to you within 48 hours as a fully illustrated report with easy to follow homework to help best prepare you for your running season.  Feedback includes:

  • Your efficiency at your present marathon pace (based on your intended completion time)
  • Any vulnerabilities that could result in a training plateau or injury
  • Advice on posture, cadence, balance and running shoes
  • A range of strengthening, conditioning and mobility exercises specific to you
  • Any other training tips subject to what we find to help you stay bullet proof and injury free

This module is not just suitable for marathon runners, this would suit anyone looking to improve their foundations for any race 5k up. Any runner would benefit from 3D analysis regardless of race time, age or ability.  This offer can also be used if buying as a gift for someone else. T&C's apply. 

What happens after purchase?

On purchasing this offer, we will send out confirmation of your purchase but will leave it with you to book in at your own leisure. (Expect to be here between 30  - 45 mins). Having relocated beginning of 2019 to keep prices down, StrideUK is located on Old Shoreham Road, North lancing BN15 0QS. We are very close to Manor Leisure Centre / Lancing Roundabout. Full details will be given when we send you email confirmation of your visit date. T&C's apply



Using some of the most accurate 3d motion analysis technology, this race ready running analysis delves deep into your biomechanics uncovering any muscular weakness or imbalance which is likely to rear it's head as you increase your distance (quite important for marathon training).  Minimum running time is required running you at your estimated marathon pace / intended completion time. Full reports will be sent to you via your email 48 hours after your visit. Reports include a breakdown of your biomechanics, strengthening /conditioning and flexibility drills, trainer suitability too. 

Pay £89

Terms & Conditions (quite important to read this!)

Please note

All StrideUK payments are done directly online using trusted and secure Paypal services. Using Paypal gives you Buyer & Fraud Protection Cover under the terms of Paypal Acceptable Use Policy. (Basically this gives you the legal clout to get them involved if we're not up to scratch!). This Black Friday offer is valid until Feb 1 2020 and cannot be refunded nor exchanged for cash. As we run quite a tight ship, we ask you to arrive punctual to your appointment, 24 hours notice should you need to postpone. Failure to turn up on the day without notification will however forfeit your booking and payment (only because of lost lab time working with a further client). 

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