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StrideUK Running Injury clinic

StrideUK runs clinics 7 days a week offering sports injury, sports therapy and rehabilitation. Whether you are experiencing discomfort or feel that your performance is somewhat lacking, we can help. And despite present conflicting evidence that questions 'how sports therapy actually helps', we still remain a trusted hands on clinic promoting hands on therapy. 


Although strengthening is more likely to be the answer, visiting your therapist still pays dividends in the long run (no pun intended)

'There's nothing better than to shoot the breeze with a client whilst providing massage therapy and talk through their rehabilitation program. Massage is a great way or helping relax the client and help make them 'feel' supported through their injury cycle. If a muscle 'feels tight', we'll do our best to make it 'not feel tight', exerise prescription is fundimental to help make a change. We therefore always place the empowerment back to the client to ensure they follow a route to recovery.'

Open 7 days a week, call us today

Clinic open times

Please note you don't need to have a running injury to visit us. In fact you don't need to be a runner at all should you need some relief or rehabilitation. We're just as experienced with shoulder injuries, neck and back pain, lumba and sciatic discomfort, we're even hot on tennis elbow if that happens to be your niggle of the month. All our treatments are fixed at 60 minutes (£60). This is solely due to the belief that this gives us the opportunity to be as thorough as possible to help get you back to function as quickly as possible. If you're planning on visiting us on a regular basis (lead up to a marathon or need a group of rehabilitation sessions), we offer a 6 treatments for the price of 5 package for £300 saving you £60 off. Regrettably we choose not to work with Insurance companies as the red tape just keeps on growing. if visiting us for the first time, expect to leave with a clear understanding of your present injury armed with all you need to know to help you overcome the injury by yourself. Needless to say, you're always very much welcome to visit us again if you would prefer support through your rehabilitation.

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