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Running biomechanical reports

From the get-go,  we invested in having our very own custom made reports to use in our gait lab for running technique analysis. We found there was very little available to buy on the market, and the ones we did see appeared dated or drastically overcomplicated for the everyday layman to understand! Hence we designed our own (which we're really proud of!). Having had such great response using our illustration and information rich forms, we thought it would be a great idea to offer it to other fellow professionals to help them on their quest for delivering a first class service. Using the trusted Paypal services, expect to receive a high resolution 300 dpi download within 24 hours which you can give directly to a printing company or print yourself.   

Our reports come in 3 bundles plus an option to get them branded with your company logo. 

Lets talk trainers

1 (single form)- Lets talk trainers - suitable for running stores / shops  

£20 to download a high quality print ready 300dpi version. 

A very simple yet comprehensive form to provide your clients with every purchase of running shoe. Also has space at the foot to provide a bit of homework should you have a few tips to give to your customers.



runners mot

Bundle 2 - The Runners MOT- suitable for running coachs in static / dynamic testing environment (gym, treadmill, clinic, track) 

£40 to download a high quality print ready 300dpi version

A very easy to use biomechanics report system dividing the three seperate structures - feet (tyres), range of movement (body work), Running form (engine). Action points and a revisit date 'call to action' at the end.


Full body reports

Bundle 3 - Running technique analysis - suitable for professionals with access to a running gait lab or software to record movement. 

£99 to download a high quality print ready 300dpi version.

6 forms covering the full body, including trainer recomendation and a homework illustration too. We designed this to be very easy for both the practitioner to use, but more importantly, for the client to understand (we typically request the clients participation to help complete these forms to ensure they have been paying attention!).   



   Pay £40 more, receive them branded with your company logo!


For £40 extra, you can have your forms branded with your own company logo. This process will take a little longer to do (please give us 72 hours) but the outcome is having some great material to give to your customers with your company name all over it! To go with your company branding, purchase any of the above and add this button to the cart too. Please send your logo (high quality image please) to



By purchasing any reports from StrideUK automatically legally binds you the following Terms & Conditions:

Copyrighted content

  • Please feel free to use this as you wish in store, in clinic etc, but duplication with intention to re distribute will be seen as an infringment of our copyright terms. 
  • Any reports purchased from StrideUK cannot be made available for download on your website. 
  • Digital distribution via any shareware portals or peer to peer file sharing is strictly forbidden.
  • All illustrations remain the property of StrideUK and cannot be used or altered for any other digital purposes. 
  • Content on forms may change from time to time as we like to add new stuff as research continues.
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