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Running biomechanic reports

For very little money, you can immediately stand out ahead of all your competitors by having your very own fully illustrated running technique report system to provide your clients / patients. Our StrideUK 6 page report system was designed specifically to make running biomechanics easy to explain, hence easy to understand. Priced at only £40 per report, we cover all aspects of running technique from initial 'static' tests all the way through the gait analysis cycle finishing with trainer suitability and exercise generation. Our report system can be selected by the service you offer, from a simple 'in store' running shoe selection to full head to toe analysis. These reports will come to you by email in high resolution 300 dpi PDF, allowing you to print out yourself or have them professionally printed at very little cost. We believe this is a very good investment for running technique companies, running coaches, podiatrists and physios to use, as it not only improves your service, but it raises your level of quality instantly. Mindful that we designed these reports based on the high level service we pride ourselves on,  we can guarentee there is nothing else like this on the market.  

Report 1 Initial findings
Report 2 Static tests
Report 3 Upper body

Initial report


Static / Dynamic


Upper Body




Report 4 In a nutshell!
Report 5 Trainers / inserts
Report 6 Exercise recommendation

In a nutshell










What will I receive?

All files 300dpi print ready

You will be receiving a high resolution 300dpi print ready PDF of the form you have chosen which you can either print up yourself or forward to a printing company to have them professionally printed. You will receive these documents by email within 24 hours of your purchase. 

BUY all 6 - free branding included!

If you purchase all 6 reports, we will happily replace our current StrideUK logo at the top of the report with your company name or company logo at no extra cost. On completion of purchase you'll be directed to a page to upload your company name  / logo. Branding your reports can take up to 72 hrs to send over.


                        Report 1 - Initial 
Report 2 - Static 
Report 3 - Upper body 
Report 4 - In a nutshell 
Report 5 - Trainers 
Report 6 - Homework

On completion of purchase you'll be directed to a page to upload your company name  / logo. 
Branding your reports can take up to 72 hrs to send over. 


Free Branding Included


                                               With the joy's of technology and with the assurance of Paypal, you can pay in installments, interest free over a period of 4 months. Perfect for anyone looking to spread the investment out. Here's how it works: 
Biomechanics bundle Instalment plan
Number of payments 4
1 At checkout £90.00 GBP
2 after 1 month £50.00 GBP
3 after 2 months £50.00 GBP
4 after 3 months £50.00 GBP
Total £240.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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On completion of purchase you'll be directed to a page to enter some info about yourself and who we send the artwork to. PLEASE NOTE THAT BRANDING IS NOT AVAILABLE ON THE INSTALLMENT PLAN. 

By purchasing any reports from StrideUK automatically legally binds you the following Terms & Conditions:

Copyrighted content

  • Please feel free to use this as you wish in store, in clinic etc, but duplication with intention to re distribute will be seen as an infringment of our copyright terms. 
  • Any reports purchased from StrideUK cannot be made available for download on your website. 
  • Digital distribution via any shareware portals or peer to peer file sharing is strictly forbidden.
  • All illustrations remain the property of StrideUK and cannot be used or altered for any other digital purposes.  

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