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Introducing Sally Baldwin...

Within just 12 months, Sally Baldwin found herself a new sport to get her teeth into... Triathlon. Having competed on the professional tennis stage for most of her life, motherhood led her to searching for an alternative sport to train in when not teaching PE, coaching tennis or bringing up her two young children. Having the hard core mental and physical conditioning of a high level professional tennis player, it was unlikely that Sally was ever going to approach Triathlon half heartedly. Within one year of relentless training and self funding for the necessary equipment, Sally's first competition saw her take 4th place at the ITU 2014 World Triathlon Grand Final.  As luck would have it, the stars aligned for us to work with Sally with the intention of giving her an edge to take her to pole position. With Sally's permission, she allowed us to record and stream her running technique analysis to the www (Took some nice piccies too!)


Sally's running technique analysis is filmed in 4 parts to allow you to soak up the level of depth we go into to help you improve performance. Whether new to running or hoping to lead the Kenyans next London Marathon, do consider visiting us to show you how we can help.    


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