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Interested in setting up your own running technique lab?

If you're a health professional looking to expand your services to your running clientele, or a running shop looking for an edge over your competitors? Definately think about talking to us at StrideUK.  We can offer you a truly bespoke set up service, much dependant as to the level of support you want from us.

Setting up a running technique analysis service takes time, patience, investment, training and most of all planning. When we launched in 2008,  it was a real 'turn key' operation as we there were no other businesses out there doing what hoped to achieve, there were simply no templates for us to work from. We therefore spent a huge amount of time working it out by ourselves to create the high level service that we pride ourselves on delivering today. 


Set up your own gait lab

Things to plan for:

  • What kit to buy? Cameras? Treadmill? Calibration boards? Lighting? Stands? Cabling? Computers?
  • What Video Gait Analysis software to purchase? We use Templo as it's very easy to use, very user friendly but packs a punch!
  • What level of service are you looking to provide? Are you looking for a comprehensive foot analysis service for orthotics or trainer prescription? Are you looking to deliver a full head to toe service?
  • Training? Training may be needed across two seperate areas: how to best use the software and how to interpret a running gait iteslf.
  • Marketing? You can either hemorrhage a fortune on Adwords to get high up on google, or with a simple plan of attack, utilising the local contacts you may have around you, business generation can happen quite quickly.
  • Design & Print? Having professional design and print is paramount to giving the right message.
  • Website? A good website doesn't have to cost you fortunes these days, and people are likely to judge you should you have a poor one. 
  • What's your USP? It's vital to have a clear understanding as to what seperates you from your competition.

Talk to us!

To date, we still pretty much stand alone to the unique service we offer. Now 7 years in, we would have expected to see so much more competition open up around us. Instead, we've seen more running shops offering this service, but with limited equipment and limited insight as to how the whole body functions, it has only highlighted our unique service even more. With that to mind, there's no reason why other health professionals or retailers can't set up similar gait labs like ours up and down the country. Hence we're happy to get involved. 

  • If you just want to talk through the basics, brain storm a few ideas? Happy to help!
  • Should you want to create an inventory alongside contacts of suppliers? Happy to help!
  • If you require training as to how to best use the systems? Happy to help!
  • Do you or your team require a level of training as to how to interpret a running gait? Happy to help!

Our consultation charges are done on a daily rate, and believe us, we're not going to charge you the moon either. We very much welcome you to visit us to see our set up, we offer training days if you are coming as a group, or we can visit your establishment and talk shop there!  Should you fancy having a chat, with no obligation, email, tell him about your requirements.


Three things to consider

Average sets ups will give you average information

1. Don't think about opening up a business on a shoe string budget - Investment in the RIGHT places is fundimental if you want to provide the best results for your customers. Reach for the sky with your gait lab set up, there are too many companies out there providing average services giving average advice. 
2. Don't reinvent the wheel - Why attempt to build it yourself if you've got someone who can direct you down the right path immediately? Investing into one meeting with us can save you time, money and stress. Some of us will learn this the hard way! 
3. Promote individuality - Avoid providing a 'jelly mold' 'one size fits all' approach. There is no such thing as one running style for all. Everyone needs to be assessed and advised individualy. Your business will not last if you do. 

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