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The Squat test

The squat test has to be by far the most important test for any runner to gain a huge insight into flexibility and exercise programme generation. If you haven't been tested by your physio, sports therapist or health professional, they're seriously overlooking a massive key to help prevent injury and improve your performance. 

How to perform a Squat:
Despite the many flavours of squat tests practised these days, we want to test you in the foot placement of running itself. Therefore... no wide squats and no feet turned out please. Here's how we prepare for a Squat test:  

  • Feet just a small distance apart
  • Feet pointing forwards
  • Slowly lower down
  • Use arms to help balance if need be
  • Try not to lift heels off the ground
  • Slowly return back to start  

Send us your squat test! 

Fancy showing us what you can do? we'd be happy to provide you some feedback should you like to email us a short movie clip of you doing a squat test. This is a completely free service we're offering providing you're happy for us to potentially use you as a case study on our website.

 Using a phone, upload us direct   Using a mobile phone? Upload it directly...

You can always think about uploading to us directly from your mobile phone, whether Android or Apple,
just email it to
Movies should be no longer than 10 seconds, as long as we get one good example of you performing a squat, send it in.  


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