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StrideUK Media Channel

About us in just over 90 seconds!
If you believe you've had your running technique analysed before other than at StrideUK, think again. Unlike 99% of all other running stores in the uk offering video gait analysis service,  StrideUK stand proud to be one of the very few video gait analysis companies that analyse the whole body instead of just your feet.

Since launch in August 2008, StrideUKs clientele has grown so quickly due to being one of the very few Video Gait Analysis companies that pay strict attention as to how the entire body performs during the process of running. Without promoting one particular running style for all, StrideUK fine tune each and every ones running technique... individually.

Anatomical Mapping!?!?  To my best ability, my own attempt to plot out the skeletal frame of the leg joint on a real case study. Although I'm massively critical about my work, I was quite happy with the result. This was a great project for me as it produced quite a nice visual to appreciate this particular 'lever system'. Many thanks to Cara for lending her leg to me.

Everyone thinks that they know how to run, after all, you would think that it's as easy as placing one foot in front of the other. However, here are some very simple tips that will improve your running style. For more information on running technique and improving running performance, visit   Filmed and Produced by United Magic Film Studios,

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