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Purchasing your analysis online

Purchasing your running analysis can be done right here, right now. Regrettably, due to a few no shows on the day, we do require payment up front to secure your appointment. We use trusted paypal secured services to do this to give you the piece of mind and confidence that your purchase is secure. We're very happy to take your booking first by email or telephone, but payment must be completed within the same day of booking. Once payment is complete, we'll officially send out confirmation to you by email including all you need to know to best prepare for your visit, plus a fast track registration to send us any information including a case history to allow us to be best prepared for your arrival. T&C's apply.



The Gold 'Injury investigation & Performance' Service 

The Gold module is where the performance gains can be found. This is our all seasoned 'runners choice' module for investigating injuries, plateaue or PBs. This 2hr + analysis allows time to run you at different paces, cadence and postures until we work out what's right for you. Real time feedback is provided, injury clinic time included too. Expect a full personalised report sent to you 24hrs after your departure.  The Gold would be the only way to go for a more 'reactive / turnkey' investigation.

Pay £250



Please note

All StrideUK payments are completed directly online using trusted and secure Paypal services. Using Paypal gives you Buyer & Fraud Protection Cover under the terms of Paypal Acceptable Use Policy. (Basically this gives you the legal clout to get them involved if we're not up to scratch!). As we run quite a tight ship, we ask you to arrive punctual to your appointment, 24 hours notice should you need to postpone. Failure to turn up on the day without notification will however forfeit your booking and payment (only because of lost lab time working with a further client). 

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