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Why retesting is so important with running technique analysis

One of the greatest breakthroughs we’ve had working with our new 3d running technique analysis systems is the ability to retest over and over again until we’ve exhausted all opportunities of improvement, and probably yourself as a result as well! Fear not, every retest we do only requires 30 seconds of ‘measurements’ to give us when we need in terms of how we can fine tune you to getting the very best from yourself. Certain reasons why we could be retesting include:

  • Which speed are you most efficient ?
  • Which speed are you most inefficient ?
  • What happens if we increased your cadence ?
  • What happens if we alter your foot placement ?
  • What happens if we alter your posture when you run ?
  • What happens if you run in a different running shoes ?
  • What happens if we test you with your orthotics in ?
  • What happens if we test you with your orthotics out ?

Needless to say, it can be a lengthy process trying out different methods, mainly because we like to give you as much feedback as possible following every test and also to keep you clearly in the loop as to what we are trying to achieve. For those reasons, retesting is only available in the longer running modules. This being the Gold module (2 Hrs+) and the Iron module (3hrs +, which includes treatment or further conditioning time)

If you are coming in on either Bronze (45 minutes) or Silver module (90 mins), you’ll still leave with plenty of great information as to how we can improve your efficiency, but without having time to retest again and again and again, we can’t always place the theory into the evidence based practise that you would get if choosing Gold and Iron. 

Reasons why we would welcome you back for a retest in 6 months time?

Consider a 6 month review to help retest the other areas that simply require your investment based on the strengthening / stretching / condioning program we prescribed you after your initial visit.
Certain areas that we would be checking to see whether you've been doing your homework:

  • How has your strength, balance and overall conditioning improved?
  • How has your cadence drills been paying off?
  • Which speed are you now most efficient?
  • How’s that old injury of yours? 
  • What can we do now to improve things further?

A 6 month review comes to you at the same price as our Bronze Module £129 (regardless of which module you intially came in for). It's typically a 60 minutes plus session where we would be able to compare your recent measuerements against your previous ones. To ensure your trip to visit us is not limited to just a comparison opportunity of before and after, be rest assured that we will happily step down the rabbit hole a little further and load you up with some new areas to be considering to improve your efficiency even further. 

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