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Which running module suits you?

which module suits you

*Retesting, putting theory into practise!

It's a fact (very rare to say that in the world of biomechanics) that running efficiency changes with the increase or decrease of speed and cadence (think twice about running a marathon slower to believe it's going to be less painful!). And it's only been since our new system upgrade that we are able to measure force loading that happens everytime you make contact with the ground. Therefore, the only way to find your most efficient form is to include time to test, restest and test again until we have sufficient data to compare outcomes. Which is why we always promote 'going for Gold' to get best from your visit. Both Gold and Iron modules are all about putting theory into practise until we've found out whats best for you. It's also safe to say that there's also a ceiling to everyones performance with speed and cadence (running faster or increasing 'turn over' can increase forces into the joints too). So providing you're happy to withstand restesting a few more times, we'll find that drop out level too!

* Injury diagnosis

It is suggested that running injuries happen due to an increase of frequency, duration or intensity. Either which way, it's a sign of a weakness in the chain where forces prove too great for that specific movement. We'd like to think that we can detect these forces to help understand why injury happened in the first place. However, to understand what injury you have (and the grade of the injury you've sustained), clinic time must be included to thoroughly test it to be sure how we can go about rehabbing it. Which is why we always promote 'Gold' as the entry level module if you are carrying an injury. Both Gold and Iron modules include time to take a case history and test it to our best ability to give you a string diagnosis. Iron includes time to treat that injury to help you on your way to rehab it without need of frequent visits back to us. 

NB - If your injury falls under the family of 'twists, turns, slips and falls' (therefore irrelevant to your running style in any way) we can still diagnose and treat, but don't expect this to be highlighted in your running analysis. 


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