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Why StrideUK?

V1 Golf swing software

A little bit of history...
In 2006, Mitchell Phillips, a postural rehabilitation specialist was introduced to Video Gait Analysis after rehabbing a Golf Pro back from injury. As payback, Mitchell was treated to a golf lesson which included a video analysis of his golf swing. In slow motion playback, he took great interest in noticing that he shared very little technique in comparison to a high level pro golfer, yet such a visual element was the catalyst to investigate whether this technology could be used for helping runners. Video Analysis systems did exist but were predominantly used by podiatrists for observing foot and ankle kinematics. Knowing what he originally knew about postural rehabilitation, it was clear to him that movement didn't necessarily start from the feet up. Working with case studies for 12 months using a very simple Golf Swing Analysis software V1, he found himself noticing subtle movements (possibly relevant to loss of performance or injury) that would have been missed in a typical clinic environment. Paranoid that 'static' clinic environments may not see everything to give runners the most accurate advice... StrideUK was launched in 2008. 

Full body video gait analysis

Since 2008, we used a German developed 2 camera gait analysis system called Templo with a specialist treadmill that ran both directions. This allowed us to reverse the cameras and film all sides of the runner. To distance ourselves from running shops and competitors, we also rotated the cameras 90 degrees (portrait) and installed them as far back in the lab as possible to track the entire body rather than just filming the feet. We used body marking to track 18 prominences of the body to allow us to detect any slight movements that would typically go amiss if relying on just watching a limb move. Body marking also worked well as a training aid to demonstrate how the whole body performs as a sequence of levers. This didn't just help us, but greatly assisted our clients to make their own minds up for themselves, it was a real case of seeing is believing. Engulfing the runner with plenty of high powered lighting allowed us to capture razor sharp footage at any given speed. We had a feature in the Independent, the NHS Livewell appointed us as the running specialists of choice and we had the pleasure to work with Paralympian Richard Whitehead, Olympic distance runner Liz Yelling, The legend himself James Cracknell and even Eddie Izzard prior to his 27 south african marathon challenge.   

StrideUK boots up to 3d technology

In 2015 StrideUK invested in the latest 3 dimensional software from a Swedish software development conpany Motion Matrix. Unlike the previous 2 dimensional system that proved us great success in the past. 3d technology had finally became affordable for small companies like us to invest in. With it's ability to measure mass, distance and speed, we are now able to truly understand the impact that gravity has on us and joint loading forces too. This is big leap in the world of biomechanics as everything in the past has been subject to interpretation and theories based on logical approaches. We have quickly learnt that what makes complete logical sense doesn't always transpose to what makes physical sense, as it's our own unique 'set up' that paves the way as to how gravity effects us, for better or for worse. We're in a new world of biomechanics where many running theories, fashions, fads just don't hold up anymore. Don't believe anything you read, see or hear until you have your own running technique analysed!

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