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It's all about reducing the negatives and increasing the positives!

Full body video gait analysis

Imagine a test in several steps where you could determine your very own unique running style which would provide you with the key elements to understanding your posture, flexibility and technique. This in turn will identify any muscle imbalances, reduce unnecessary muscle work, improve personal bests & prevent injuries from occurring.  Mitchell Phillips, a sports injury and postural rehabilitation specialist for 10 years, designed StrideUK as a tool to help understand why injuries and plateaus happen during the process of running.

'It's almost impossible to identify the true root of a problem in a normal 'static' clinic environment. This is exactly why you get so much conflicting advice from various health professionals. The only true way of understanding someones performance limitations or vulnerability to injury is to see them run.  However, considering that the human eye can only process a limited amount of information at any one time, you can't just rely on someone to watch and observe, you need a highly calibrated environment, with cameras surrounding the runner, plenty of good lighting and specific measuring points drawn onto the athlete to catch every minute change in movement. And that's exactly where we come in. 
Video Gait Analysis has massivly helped myself and runners of all levels overcome persistant injuries. Injuries don't just happen at the top end of sports ability, it can happen to anyone at any time! From a novice looking to run 5 k for charity, to club runners and triathletes, StrideUK can help.'    

Only 9 minutes running time required

Video Gait Analysis only requires approximately 9 minutes of physical running time, at comfortable running pace on our specialised ortho gait treadmill. We will be looking for any muscle imbalances that could intern cause vulnerability to injury if you were to increase intensity, duration or frequency, this is commonly why most plateaus or injuries happen, it's a cause and effect situation.   It's vital for every runner to understand their core running functionality, after all, it's the complete foundations to good, efficient, injury free running. Our job at StrideUK is to help reduce your negatives (by provision of specific exercise program and running drills to allow your body to adapt and strengthen successfully), to improve your positives (allowing you to train longer, train harder, with confidence).   

Liz Yelling

A Testimonial

As an elite runner constantly looking to refine and improve my performance and also a working Mum, my time is precious. So if I can maximize my running by staying injury free and training more consistently then that can only be a good thing.

StrideUK gave me a valuable, informative, highly interactive and visual running analysis that will certainly helpme with my ongoing training and racing.

Liz Yelling
Common Wealth & British Olympic Distance Runner

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